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- Rishi Ram Paudyal

Jan 11, 2018-

About a month ago, I got an invitation to attend a wedding party. I was so pleased that the only son in the family was getting hitched. He had three sisters and they had all been married off, and his parents were growing old. They desperately needed a daughter-in-law to do the household work. The would-be groom was in his late 20s. The timing of the wedding appeared to be perfect. His family and friends all were happy. As it was the last wedding in the family, a huge feast was organised.

As I reached there, the party music was on, people were clad in their best clothes. There was the sweet aroma of food. Lights were twinkling brightly as if they, too, were happy. The bride in her wedding dress was sitting on a sofa with other women to receive presents and give betel nuts in return. She looked marvellous with her beautiful face, make-up and new clothes. The groom too looked very happy in his suit and dark glasses. What a couple!

To my disappointment, just over a week later I heard that there were already problems between the newly wed couple. I wanted to help them if there was anything I could do to save their marriage. So I headed to the boy’s house. The boy and his parents were in a room downstairs sitting and talking, and the girl was lying in bed upstairs. The family thought that a witch or bad spirits had caused her to dislike the husband and the family, and so they had taken her to a shaman to drive away the evil spirits. They hoped that it would result in positive changes. According to the family members, she would just sit in the room all day and not do any work. Food also had to be delivered to her bed. She was not happy at all, and she wanted a divorce.

I expressed my desire to help the couple in any way I could. I wanted to hear about their problems from both of them. So I went to talk to the couple in their room. They could tell what their problems were through me while both would be listening. I was like a mediator. The girl said she expected nothing. The house was too old. Her husband had changed a lot after the marriage, and would not listen to her. 

And she didn’t like the environment there. She didn’t like the husband’s sisters either. She thought her life before the marriage was better, and she wanted a divorce as soon as possible. The husband said he was also ready to divorce her as he didn’t like her 

attitude. I tried to reason with them, but neither would listen. They had already decided to divorce, and they were legally separated within two weeks of their marriage.

Published: 11-01-2018 07:48

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