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Jan 12, 2018-

Every student aims to pass his or her examination by scoring the highest marks. Some are able to score higher marks than others, and some are not. Those who fail think they cannot do better no matter how hard they work. A kind of frustration can develop among students after getting low marks and failing the exam. There are many reasons why students get low marks in an examination. The first cause is they don’t know how to study productively. They think studying means simply reading the words in their lessons. Students must know that studying means learning and understanding. Reading should be done with full concentration. Students must know that reading fast is not a good way to study. Bad preparation for an exam is another reason behind low marks. To be successful in getting high marks, the preparation for an exam must be started from the very first session of the lecture. Studying on your own, writing notes properly, selecting appropriate books and attending class lectures regularly are a must for students. A student must also know about writing style, skill in answering creatively, time utilisation and answers which can appeal to the copy checker to get high marks. 

Time management has become another problem for students. They love to play, watch TV, hang out with friends, use the mobile and engage in other activities. When they are engrossed in entertaining activities, they do not look at their books. They do not study. A dedicated and laborious student divides his or her time for studies and entertaining activities. In order to get more marks in an exam, students should avoid giving more time to entertainment, concentrate on studies. Students should not forget that the main purpose of studying is to learn something. Developing an interest in studying can enhance the level of knowledge. An increase in the level of knowledge can help to secure higher marks in exams. Students should know that securing high marks in an examination is not the only aim of studying. They should also aim to make oneself excellent in every field. If you have dedication towards studies, an interest to learn and a thirst for knowledge, you have to follow some valuable steps which can lead you to success in examinations. 

First, understand that studying is one of the important parts of life. Understand your goals in life, realise your capability, develop learning skills, attend classes regularly, manage your time, think that your study and knowledge can change you and your society, and think that you have a responsibility to your country, family and yourself. You are students, so realise that you can accomplish the maximum achievement through your studies. If these steps are followed by students, there is no doubt that they can get success. Definitely, these steps will lead students to success.

Published: 12-01-2018 07:48

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