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Jan 14, 2018-

Dr Govinda KC has been a champion of the people for many years now. Though his main focus is on reforming the medical education sector, no one can doubt the effect he is having on bringing corrupt bureaucrats and other influential people to light. The recent spat between Dr KC and the Supreme Court Chief Justice shows just how ridiculous our system can be sometimes (‘Dr KC: Criticism of controversial judgements not contempt of court’, January 10, Page 1). It is clear that the Chief Justice felt a personal snub, and used all his power to bring Dr KC to court in the most humiliating way possible. Turns out, he personally demanded the court section officer to file a contempt of court case against Dr KC, and used his influence to order the doctor’s arrest. Why else would a peaceful, well-known protestor and champion against corruption—one who did not have a prior criminal history—be arrested from the hospital he was staging a protest in, to be brought to court the next day? We are not arguing whether Dr KC was in contempt of the court, what he said might well be defamatory. However, Chief Justice Parajuli and his corner did not go about asking Dr KC to explain himself in the correct way at all. For what it’s worth, Dr KC was vindicated the next day by being released by the same Supreme Court the next day, without bail. The court has now asked him to come to the next hearing on his own volition. This is how it should have been handled to begin with.

- Umanga Sharma, via e-mail

Published: 14-01-2018 08:25

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