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Jan 23, 2018-

It is very disheartening to see our leaders creating a fuss after the elections. The people had high hopes from the leaders that they will show some leadership qualities and drive the Nation towards peace and prosperity in the aftermath of the elections. However, the leaders have yet again disappointed the voters by showing their old habits. The leaders seem to be hell bent on securing their position and fulfilling vested interests at the cost of the people and the nation. The latest chaos over the issue of where the temporary headquarters of the provinces are going to be is a case in point (‘PM Deuba advised to address protesters’, January 20, Page 1). As mentioned earlier, such headquarters are temporary ones. They can be relocated by the provincial assemblies as soon as they are formed. It is as simple as that, but this issue has virtually brought the latest political development to a standstill. There is no point in making this issue a big deal leaving other important ones behind. The need of the hour is to form a new government as soon as possible and work in accordance with each other so that the new constitution gets implemented and institutionalised. Therefore it will be prudent of leaders and cadres alike to move on this and make headway to a bright future sooner than later.

- Rupak Raj Khanal, Changunarayan


The way agitating nurses have drawn the attention of the government is understandable (‘Government ready to negotiate’, January 18, Page 2). Unequal payment and sheer ‘labour abuse’ in the name of volunteerism are some oppressive factors adding to the woes of nurses who relentlessly endure a myriad of hassles during long working hours. Needless to say, nursing is more of a social service than an occupation. It is also a challenging and respectable job that requires dogged determination, persistence and tolerance. Therefore, the uniformity in the salary of nurses and adjustment of working hours are some of the grievances that need to be addressed. Necessary incentives ought to be provided to the nurses in accordance with their working conditions for viable outcomes.

- Sanjog Karki, Tansen, Palpa

Published: 23-01-2018 08:03

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