Jan 26, 2018-

Everyone is born to live a life

But there are some who 

Don’t let us do it with their knife

Different people live different life

There are some whose life is full of strife

Those who do great work

Become a ‘somebody’

Those who stay idle are just ‘nobody’

Everybody is born with a purpose

But there are some who just make a fuss

Life is full of ups and downs

But people don’t accept it 

They see only frowns

And expect only special treats

Some people learn more and more

In an attempt to renew themselves

For them, life is a chance

Which they indulge like romance 

Unlike many people,

I want to live a special life

To me it’s as musical as a fife.

I now know life is in our hand

So, I look at it as my personal brand

We can be both good and bad

Don’t always do what makes you glad

Face all challenges being brave

Have some fun, don’t be so grave

Read the stories of those heroes

Who rose from ground zero

Their stories are full of inspiration

Their activities are worth imitation. 

Without pain there is no gain

There’s only silver lining after rain

Hard work takes you closer to success 

Both ups and downs are life’s process.

Human’s life is limited 

Whether you like it or not

Do remarkable work

Which shall never rot

People only value their life

When they are on the deathbed

We should do meaningful things

So there is absolutely no regret 


Whether you agree or not,

This is life’s essence

Join me now in my activism 

Let’s make it beautiful with mere presence 

Rina Dahal

Grade 9

Paragon Public School

Published: 26-01-2018 08:23

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