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Mar 1, 2018-

Human life is the supreme gift of nature. Each person has a right to live a respectable life. Unfortunately, some senseless and inhumane boundaries have forced some people to live a very tortured life. Among these people are Dalits who have to remain separate from the so-called high castes. It is a matter of shame in this 21st century. During their one-time stay on earth, they are isolated and their life is made miserable which cannot be tolerated by any conscious person.

The extreme injustice forced on Dalits can be clearly noticed—mainly in remote and rural areas. In many places in my district, Nawalpur, I have seen that the so-called Dalits are not allowed to use the water tap used by the so-called high castes. The Dalits have to go very far for water despite having a tap very near to their homes. The milk produced by the cattle reared by them is not allowed to be taken to the dairy. In school too, innocent Dalit children are discriminated against. 

Dalits are even restricted from entering temples to ask for something from the supreme power they have trusted. On the issue of marital relations, they are again discriminated against. Wicked people among the so-called high castes reject marriages with Dalits. Most of them are not included in the decision making process of the community. Due to these false beliefs and bad traditions, Dalits are very backward socially and economically. Many of them are facing extreme mental suffering. They 

are forced to endure stigma due to their caste which is a bitter truth of our society.

The constitution of Nepal says that each and every person should be allowed to live a respectable life. It also says that people who torture other people should be punished. Despite the good efforts made the country, there has been no drastic change in the suffering of Dalits because the root of the delusion of untouchability in society is very strong. The so-called wise people of society suppress these people to satisfy their selfishness and arrogance. 

In the past, the rulers and makers of social laws tagged some people as untouchable in order to suppress them, get free labour and dominate them morally. The senseless social rule made by the wicked people has lasted till now as a barbarous superstition. If anyone analyses with his or her conscience and wisdom, it is not difficult to see how irrational and inhumane the concept of regarding some people as untouchable is. Henceforth, no person should be segregated by calling them untouchable. No one should be tortured on the basis of caste. No one should be discriminated against on the basis of birth. Now, the winds of equality, justice and brotherhood should flow around the people of society.

Published: 01-03-2018 07:28

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