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Mar 12, 2018-

You are such a narcissist”, a person I encountered in the past said to me when I told him that I loved myself while we were discussing the very confusing concept of “self-love”. The indictment made me think for quite a few days if I really was a self-centred person who was wrong to love herself. 

It is quite obvious that people have contrasting ideas about self-love or any other topic. While few people have the notion that loving themselves is selfish and narcissist, I personally believe that self-love is the greatest love of all and is actually a way of being selfless rather than selfish. It is the feeling of appreciation, acceptance and respect for yourself while you embrace all your flaws. Self-love is a powerful means of boosting your self-esteem and eliminating self-doubt. When you love yourself, you learn to accept yourself in every high and low and that you are perfectly fine to be imperfect. You forgive yourself when you commit a mistake and give yourself a chance to improve. Self-love is a way to make yourself a better version of you by indulging in self-improvement and motivating yourself to achieve your set goals. 

Moreover, self-love teaches you to love others. It becomes a foundation for a healthy relationship with not only yourself but also other individuals. You learn to be kind, accept others for who they are with no judgement, appreciate them for the things they do for you, learn to forgive them and genuinely want the best for them. Having such positive attitude towards people surrounding you, it is sure that self-love only shapes you to become a selfless individual. 

However, loving yourself is quite a difficult journey for most people and requires patience and practice. To love yourself you must accept your feelings without judging them, take up challenges to make your dreams come true, encourage yourself to work harder, strive for happiness from acts of kindness rather than materialistic things and do what your heart desires for without boosting your ego or negatively affecting other people. You must not compare yourself with other individuals as you are unique, beautiful and worthy of things you deserve in your own special way. You learn to truly love yourself when you pick yourself up no matter how much you fall and still continue to move forward in your path. 

At the end of the day, you should feel like you are a one complete human being who loves his/her soul, mind and body. Everybody is worth being loved and a great way to spread affection and feeling of acceptance among people is firstly by loving yourself. 

Published: 12-03-2018 07:57

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