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Mar 13, 2018-

A healthy balance of relations between the judiciary and the media is a must for fostering integrity and development. Such institutions must aim to secure the glory of the state by being responsive. They must practice self-restraint and be honest in performing their respective public roles. Curbing one’s freedom of press means also curbing another’s right to information (‘Writing news does not amount to contempt of court: FNJ’, March 8, Page 1). The Supreme Court being the guardian of the Constitution must act very cautiously in order to protect the constitution and constitutional democracy, and to maintain harmony between democratic institutions like media, civil society, political institutions, state agencies and the like. Personal bias/ prejudice has no space in the governance of rule of law. No public leadership should allow personal vendettas to hamper their service. Hence, any attempt to censor the media even by the high judicial leadership without the utmost reasonable cause and parameter cannot be acceptable. 

- Bharat B Karki, via e-mail



Rent-seeking and corruption in general are processes observed in virtually all developing countries (‘The easy path to the riches’, March 8, Page 6). This, at least, seems to be the case. Instead of saying that this is part of our psyche, I regard it as a consequence of our reality. Corruption pertains to all levels of society. Poor people, too, try to seek commissions selling goods to friends. In this case, it is a means to survive. In the upper echelons of society, however, people no longer compete with poor farmers but with the international community, hence what is regarded as basic necessities exceeds those of the poor by far. The willingness to share is consequently limited. So rather than seeing it as part of our psyche, I’d suggest this phenomena is a result of stark inequality, not just in Nepal but everywhere.

- Samita KC, Pokhara

Published: 13-03-2018 08:00

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