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Mar 16, 2018-

When John Logie Baird invented the television, it seems unlikely that he had imagined the scope of its use. The fascination of the small screen appeals to all, irrespective of race, sex, caste or creed. The radio had and still has its following but it can in no way be compared to the immense popularity of the television. For so many, their TV has become an indispensable part of their lives.

The prime advantage of the television over other media is that it brings a steady stream of entertainment to us and as such is often situated at the heart of our homes, in our drawing-rooms and bedrooms.

We can enjoy a great variety of television shows in the comfort of our own homes. If one doesn’t want to watch sporting events with the simple press of a button, a great array of choices are available at any given time. If you don’t like the 7 o’ clock programme you simply have to wait for the next programme or just change the channel to something else.

You can always switch from watching a music video to a documentary on wildlife or a film. Before the advent of the internet, no other entertainment media could offer such diversity of content.  Television is also invaluable as a medium of mass education. Aside from so much else, it brings into our homes various perspectives on national and international events, both current and historical. Furthermore, the amazing popularity of tele-serials based on the Ramayan and the Mahabharat is an indication of how well the television can serve in preserving our literary heritage.

Television content can greatly affect popular opinion and as such it has the potential to bring about national and international solidarity. Very few of us have been to all the regions of Nepal. It is not easy to access the diverse realities people inhabit, experience their varying customs, or hear the innumerable languages that are spoken in the world—except for on television. For so many, their TV is a window into a vast and often unfamiliar world.

For Nepalis, the television helps to convey the fact that a great diversity of people, histories, customs, and languages coalesce together as Nepal. Because of it we begin to think of Nepal as a country which extends far beyond our town, city or district. In the same way, television can also help foster international understanding.

Medicine must be administered in precise doses. Too much of it may prove extremely harmful. In the same way television too must be used in a sensible manner. We must always be in total control over it and not allow it to control us. We should learn to be selective and to watch only those programs that are suitable and those that do not interfere with or detract from our daily lives.


Sampada Karki

Grade 6

Grammar Public Secondary School

Published: 16-03-2018 11:32

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