Human resource matters

- Lok Raj Baral

Apr 3, 2018-

Human resource development has multiple dimensions and cannot be explained only in statistical terms. So budget allocations and educational growth in terms of numbers are not adequate to convey the spirit of human resource development. Many people think that spending a lot of money on education will solve the problem of human resource development. They tend to ignore other aspects that are no less significant for preparing quality manpower. Good policies based on equity and enabling the poorest of the poor and other marginalised sections of society to get the same kind of education as available to the privileged section are essential aspects.

Wasted potential

It is ironic that the South Asian political elite have not fully understood the value of education for human development and for creating a civilised society. Employment and culture formation should go together as the former is related to livelihood while the latter is related to gathering knowledge for opening avenues of professionalism and civilised society. Thus, it is as much manpower development as creation of a decent life.

South Asian societal structures and orientations are somewhat problematic for making uniform educational policies and ending entrenched disparities. Education, health, employment opportunities and poverty reduction remain unaddressed even under the dispensation of the so-called people-friendly governments. Education funding in South Asia is low compared to other sectors. When corruption is rampant and institutional decay in all spheres of life is pervasive, only a fraction of the allocated budget percolates down to the people

Published: 03-04-2018 08:25

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