Dilly Delhi!

- Guffadi

Apr 7, 2018-

As usual, Oli too has decided that India comes first when it comes to the PM’s first official trip abroad. We thought Oli would fly to Beijing and try some dim sum instead of samsoas. Well, Xi will be running China for life but I guess our PM’s advisors think Modi will be around for a long time. Well, India has no term limits and China just got rid of the two term limit for their thulo mancheys and here, we have Oli who could be our own MoXi but of course he has to share the space with Prachanda. 

Oli is taking with him a jumbo team of sarkari officials, byaparis, cadres and cousins. We don’t need to be wasting millions for such foreign trips and that too to India. 

Just take a bus to the border and meet the Desi PM there. Instead of an hour, our PM can take a whole day to at least see his country while he heads to India on a bus. 

We all know that our civil servants are lazy and they always fail to do their homework before our PM goes on such trips abroad. The Indians are always well prepared. They know what they want from us. They want water, electricity and many more which we don’t know but the Indian Embassy certainly has a wish list. 

They tell us that they will buy our electricity only if Indian companies get to build the hydropower projects here. If the Chinese build our dams then Modi and his courtiers will not buy electricity from us. Yes, we need foreign investment but the only folks willing to put some dough in our land for their own self interest are the Desis and the Chinese. It seems that we are the football in the Chinida Games!  

The only way possible for chimekis to stop pushing us around is to invite the French to help us a build a nuclear power plant and let them run it because, our government folks have a bad record when it comes to maintenance. Just look at our state enterprises or even government offices. Our government can’t even fix the broken windows or the fallen walls from the earthquake and we can’t expect them to run a nuclear power plant, do we?

Once, we go nuclear then we can at least, make our demands and our chimekis will at least listen to us for once. Let’s learn a thing or two from the North Koreans except the slow moving green train.We expected Oli to be different. He wants to be our Lee Kuan Yew or Mahathir. Maybe, he should have visited Singapore or Malaysia instead. Maybe, Oli would have done us all a big favour if he had visited Singapore. The only thing we have common with both India and Singapore is that our Nepali brothers serve in the security forces in both of the lands. Nepalis have been serving in the Indian Army from the days of the British Raj. Our brothers have been serving in the Singapore Police Force after the British left India. 

Our communists tell us that they will end recruitment of Nepali citizens in foreign armies but after elections, our comrades seem to forget about the issue. Yes, we are the only nation in the world where citizens can serve in foreign armies. Our folks take the oath under the Indian, British and Singaporean flag when they join the security forces there. 

Thousands of Nepalis have died fighting for the then British Empire in the First and Second World War and our country has yet to build a memorial for them. What can we expect from our government which cannot even build a memorial for folks who died during the so-called civil war from 1996 to 2006?  We have already forgotten the thousands who died at the hands of our comrades and the security forces.

Our martyrs from the days of the Ranas to the recent andolans are all forgotten. This is the land where politicians can kill civilians and security personnel and get away with it. Yes, we are being ruled by a bunch of thieves and we are a kleptocracy at its best as well! 

Published: 07-04-2018 08:47

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