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Apr 19, 2018-

Women need education to overcome domination and achieve equality in society. It helps them to become aware of their rights, and it also provides them with knowledge to create a healthy family and teach their children to distinguish between good and bad behaviour. Most women in the remote areas of Nepal have been suffering from male chauvinism as they find themselves confined within the four walls of their house. Men rarely allow women to take part in activities that take place around them. Men talk about women’s rights in the public sphere, but they hardly allow their own mothers, wives, sisters and daughters to do what males do in society. Many men spend their evenings at the club, hang around with friends, and visit shops and societies; but a gentleman with an educated wife will not feel the need for clubs and societies. Still, they accept what patriarchy has taught them.

Many women in the less developed areas are unconscious about the global era. They always seem to be busy doing household work, cutting grass and grazing their animals, so they don’t have time to listen to the news on the radio or watch TV. Urban women celebrate international and national women’s days by distributing presents while rural women often face violence. Women make up a weaker section of society because they suffer from many handicaps due to rigid and out-dated social customs and religious practices. Uneducated women easily believe in blind beliefs like witchcraft, untouchability and ‘chhaupadi’. Until and unless the mother doesn’t receive education, they can’t come out from darkness and their children don’t get an opportunity to enter the arena of better education.

Mothers are the first teachers of children, so if mothers don’t have knowledge about child rearing, what will those children learn from them. In our context, rural males go to different Gulf countries to earn money and their children grow up with an uneducated mother, so the result is that their children pick up bad habits because of lack of good education. Only educated mothers can contribute to the health and wellbeing of the family. We can admit that women’s education plays a vital role in creating a good family environment and making the family educated.

All women need education for their own enlightenment which helps them to live in the world equally and respectfully. They can play a great role to run the home, society and country. By teaching women, we can bring a remarkable change for the development of society and the country. So the government, Education Ministry, INGOs, NGOs and different organisations should organise adult women’s education for adults and senior women, and create a proper environment for girl children to go at school. 

Today’s educated girls are the country’s future. Educated women can become politically active and better informed about their legal rights and how to exercise them.

Published: 19-04-2018 06:55

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