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- Bikash Giri

Apr 20, 2018-

Is the ATM working? I hope it’ll be working today. I tried yesterday but to no avail. Why do they take so much time to fix the problem? You often hear questions like these at my workplace at the end of every month after the company deposits our salary in our bank accounts. The reason behind all this commotion is the sorry state of ATMs in our city. ATMs, when they first appeared in major cities in the country, created a buzz. My city was not an exception. Everybody wanted to make use of the facility that banks were so eager to provide to their clients. 

Of course, it didn’t come for free; but to stay abreast of the changing times and for the sake of convenience, clients were ready to pay happily for the facility. Also, if you didn’t possess an ATM card, you would feel left out and that you were not levelling up with the times. All banks, in order to avoid losing their clients to their competitors, rivals and counterparts, made the wonder cards easily available to everyone.

ATMs, popularly dubbed Any Time Money, came as a boon in the fast-paced world where people valued time above anything else. The hassle of having to stand in long queues at the cash counter was no more an issue. People could withdraw money anytime, and banks were allowing them to withdraw decent amounts. This satisfied their clients. It was a great feeling to be part of the advanced world. But over the years, things have drastically changed. The wonder machines which were meant to ease the worries of the people have fallen short in their services. The machines have become unreliable. 

You cannot approach an ATM booth these days with the surety of getting your cash. The dejected face of a person exiting the booth says it all. Ask the bank staff if the machine is working, and get ready to hear all kinds complaints and curses they have to vent. Many banks don’t even bother to put up an ‘Out of Order’ sign for the benefit of clients. You swipe your card, carry out all the instructions that appear on the screen, and finally the machine fails to dispense cash. You waste your time and energy in front of the machine, and I wonder if the banks have any concern about this. Then you will leave the place in frustration to find yourself running from one machine to another, desperately trying your luck.

Introducing an advanced service like the ATM for the benefit of the public is highly applaudable. Changes for the better are always welcome, but rendering service interruptedly and efficiently is what makes a dedicated service provider. All banks should make sure that their cash vending machines are fully functional round the clock for the convenience of the people and that they are dependable too.



Published: 20-04-2018 06:44

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