A subdued reflection

  • The Commonwealth is an anachronism

Apr 24, 2018-

In the modern international relations regime, regional blocs are key structures through which countries join forces to enhance trade, cooperation and in certain cases defence. There is a veritable alphabet soup of regional organisations—including the EU, Asean, Saarc and many others—that form part of the global vocabulary. While some, such as the EU, have made strides in bringing states that were once enemies closer together, others are mere talk shops, such as Saarc. However, the utility of one multilateral bloc in particular—the Commonwealth of Nations—has been questioned, especially in a postcolonial world where many former colonies have come into their own. It is basically a club of Britain’s former colonies, a subdued reflection of what the British Empire once was. 

As the age of empires and colonies is long gone, it would be only right to point out that the Commonwealth is an anachronism. After all, there is little that links Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka, for example, with faraway Antigua or Tonga other than a shared colonial baggage. While we should endeavour to maintain cordial ties with all states, including our former colonial master and fellow ex-colonies, perhaps the energies of this nation should best be spent on building regional linkages.


Published: 24-04-2018 07:06

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