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Apr 24, 2018-



At a time like this, when all of us are running after development, Ankit Khadgi has made us realise how even small technologies can be utilised for the betterment of society (‘Modern methods’, April 20, Page 6). An amazing example of this was the use of smartphones by Pakistani authorities to track and control a dengue outbreak. Information and communication technology (ICT) can be used, not only in the healthcare sector, but in innovative ways to fulfil the Sustainable Development Goals. Nepalis should definitely come out of our social-media cocoon and see for ourselves what wonders ICTs can really do. Let’s be aware of the positive aspects of technology, rather than always talking about the negatives associated with everything. 

Neha Sharma, via e-mail


On a day that I woke up feeling positive about the law mechanism in the country, with the arrest of a former Deputy Inspector General for the charge of gold smuggling, I was left perplexed by another piece of news. Deepak Manage will not face money laundering charges because the attorney general’s office did not file a petition on time (‘Manage not to face money laundering trial and OAG is to blame’, April 23, Page 2). I am perplexed because, on the one hand, the authorities charged and arrested one person for the serious crime of smuggling. On the other, they let a convicted criminal escape charges on a technicality. Now, the guilt or innocence of both these men will be decided by the courts. And no one should think a person accused of a crime is guilty until evidence refutes this. In Manage’s case especially, he has already been found innocent of money laundering by a special court. However, the justice mechanism requires the prosecutors to petition and appeal decisions that they think are unfair until they think the defendant is guilty. Here, the OAG is not coming out and saying that they believe Manage is innocent, and that they are dropping charges. This was more sinister. They delayed sending the petition in, thereby letting the accused go scot free on the charge without a review of evidence at the Supreme Court. This is highly disappointing.

Rahul Thapa, via e-mail 


Published: 24-04-2018 07:07

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