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May 3, 2018-

Science and technology have made immense progress. Man is able to perform many activities that were considered to be impossible earlier. In the past, it was thought to be impossible to fly like birds, but now rockets fly to other planets. The practice of sending letters by carrier pigeon continued until not so long ago, but technology like email and Twitter prevails nowadays. The tradition of children playing outside, women cleaning and cooking, and men loading and digging is not very old. It is still a vivid memory in the minds of the so-called urban or technology-driven people. Nowadays, children’s outdoor games have been replaced by 3D games on mobiles and laptops. The household chores that women used to perform like cleaning and cooking are now done by appliances like washing machine, dish washer, vacuum machine and mixer grinder.

Similarly, the loading and digging work of men is not done manually anymore, bulldozers and tractors are used to do it. Even work that used to be considered very difficult has become easy nowadays. Similarly, advances have been made in the medical field. Many so-called incurable diseases are now cured using modern treatment methods and medicines. Though science has made so much progress, people around the world still suffer from disease like before. They may be minor diseases like insomnia, anxiety and cold, or major diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Before, people used to follow one basic rule: Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. But now people have become lazy; they look for easy ways to do anything, be it washing, cooking or running. The advances in science have also brought major changes in people’s lifestyle. The daily routine followed by most people nowadays is unhealthy and unhygienic. Earlier, people used to do routine work manually, whether washing clothes or dishes, cleaning the house or cooking food. These activities provide some sort of exercise and keep the blood circulating well. This makes people active and lively. When doing routine chores manually, there are fewer chances of falling ill. But nowadays, people do not even go jogging in the open air but use a treadmill instead. They do not take precautions, but seek immediate and positive results. They need belts and diet apps to treatment their obesity.

Earlier, people used to keep to their routine and carry out their activities even when they fall sick. This keeps them active and gives them a strong immune system. But now, people take aspirin even when they get a minor bruise. They rush to clinics and doctors to seek treatment for their pseudo-illnesses that are actually caused by their lazy minds. In one way, technology is benefitting people in terms of saving time and earning more money, but people are investing most of the saved time on the internet and wasting their money by buying medicines for their pseudo-illnesses.

Published: 03-05-2018 07:31

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