Netanyahu’s flimflam

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- The new york times

May 3, 2018-

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has long employed visual aids to drive home the dangers of Iran and the nuclear deal. So far, these theatrical displays have failed to stop the nuclear deal. But Netanyahu’s latest show and tell may have greater effect. In a televised appearance on Monday, he presented images of nuclear-related documents stolen from Iran by Mossad, along with a giant poster proclaiming “Iran lied.” He argued that the documents proved Iranian leaders were deceptive when they insisted their nuclear program was for peaceful purposes. In fact, Netanyahu confirmed what American intelligence agencies revealed in 2007: Iran had suspended the active portion of a nuclear weapons program in 2003. That program, along with related activities that continued after 2003, is a major reason the deal was struck in the first place and why its verification provisions are the most intrusive of any arms control agreement. It also explains why those provisions need to be retained. Netanyahu did not provide any evidence that Iran had violated the deal since it took effect in early 2016. Withdrawing from the nuclear deal, thus freeing Iran to resume its nuclear activities and possibly provoking other countries to follow suit, would only make things worse.

Published: 03-05-2018 07:31

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