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May 7, 2018-

Violence against women includes trafficking, rape, marital rape, incest, mental torment, gender discrimination, rough treatment, physical torture, and verbal and sexual abuse. Generally, violence is an impediment to accomplishing the objectives of quality, development and peace. It violates, impairs and nullifies human rights and basic freedoms. From time immemorial, violence against women has proven to be an effective weapon in the hands of men through which they have exploited women and established their supremacy. It is insidious but a pervasive instrument of oppression of women.

The abuse of women by their male partners is among the most pervasive and dangerous forms of gender-based violence. It generates an extreme state of dependency and severe symptoms that comprise the traumatic stress disorders experienced by victims of violence. Men who engage in wife abuse are more likely to have a history of alcohol abuse. They may also have witnessed physical abuse in the family as children. However, research has revealed that not all men attack their wives violently after drinking alcohol. A survey has also shown that unemployed and lower income men abuse their wives more than employed and higher income men. Frustration or stress might explain why unemployed and blue collar workers have a higher rate of violence than others. A patriarchal mindset takes for granted that men should dominate women in all sectors including family life and interpersonal relations. This belief is seen to be normal and natural even in sections of modern society.

A failure to prevent violence against women has been a matter of great concern in most countries. In order to confront violence in a patriarchal society, women should be able to use their own discretion and strength. In many countries, low enrolment of girls in school and high failure and dropout rates are generally attributed to household work burden, irregularity of school operation, poverty, physical distance of the school, caste and ethnic discrimination, negligence of the mother tongue in schooling and parents’ disinclination towards education. This is why the literacy rate of women is still low in these countries.

Most evils in the world today are consequences of inequality. Women also find themselves being exploited and their rights being abused. When gender bias favours males, there is a necessity for specific approaches to eradicate the special barriers that prevent girls from enjoying educational opportunities. In this context, propagation of formal and non-formal education is of immense importance. Moreover, the mass media, both electronic and print, should play a significant role in keeping the public informed about the enormity and proportion of this inhuman problem.

Published: 07-05-2018 06:58

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