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May 18, 2018-

As stated by Pramod Mishra in his article, Marxism has been a very powerful and influential philosophy or a tool since Karl Marx, together with his friend Friedrich Engels propounded it in the 19th century (‘200 years and counting’, May 10, Page 6). Marxism is the very doctrine through which capitalism is analysed from the perspectives of exploitation, class struggle and social conflict. Truly, as stated by Karl Marx, the history of humanity, by and large, has been the history of class struggles. That is to say, there has been a constant conflict between the haves and the haves not in the society, the former represented by the working class people or the proletariat while the latter is represented by the ruling class or the bourgeoisie. Needless to say, there has been a tussle going on between the working class and the rulings class as it is the ruling class who own the means of production and therefore they are the ones who have been extracting the wealthy, which however is produced by the proletariat. Marxism thus has been very effective so as to analyse this very ill of capitalism. This may be the reason Marxism still holds water in this 21st century. And as envisaged by Marx, the very inequality or the exploitation at the hand of ruling class upon the working class will eventually trigger a revolt by the proletariat against the bourgeoisie for the establishment of their right, just and equal society. To go further, this revolution, or the class consciousness, will eventually lead to a system of governance known as Socialism which means a socio-economic system that is based on the social ownership of the means of production and its distribution. This kind of governance will therefore be in the interests of the large number of people in society who are working. Lastly, although the dream of a communist system has failed, it seems Marxism as a critique of capitalism will surely be there for many years to come.

- Rupak Khanal, via e-mail


Empower and enrich

In semi-urban areas, the main occupation of the people is farming. So, people do not have to worry about purchasing vegetables at high price from the market. However, all the women I meet, even in agriculture, often talk about the gender gap (‘Women woes’, May 13, Page 8). They further added that farm machinery is not woman-friendly. When I shared my experience with my grandmother about the issue, she vividly remembered that when she used to work in other people’s farm to earn some money, she and her female friends also used to get paid less in comparison to their male counterparts. Most of the time, problems women face in agriculture are heard of, but they are forgotten quickly without the issue being addressed. This is mostly seen during the rainy season or the during rice cultivation as well as during harvesting. To redress the issue, women should be encouraged through proper education to enjoy their rights ensured by the government. For instance, the Equal Rights in Parental Property Bill, which came into action on August 17, 2018, should be publicised and disseminated so that there is awareness about the same in the masses. Woman friendly agriculture tools, access to credit and loans, leadership and entrepreneurship building programs focused on females is the need of the hour. Proper access to agriculture information through mobile applications like Krishi Guru and Smart Krishi must be prioritized as they are up-to-date about information and provide easy access to a variety of information.

Susan Thapa,

- Lokanthali, Bhaktapur

Published: 18-05-2018 07:31

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