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May 18, 2018-

One of my compatriots, a Rai by caste, migrated to Kathmandu when his home and farmland were swept away by a flood. Deprived of his own home, he was living in a rented room. He had difficulty making ends meet even though he worked hard from morning to evening on a piece of land rented from a landlord at a high price. Agriculture, his sole means of livelihood, depended on the vagaries of the rainy season, and he had no choice other than casting his expectant eyes up to the sky. He was as much superstitious as he was industrious; but whatever happened, he used to work on his land daily. This is why he never had to ask others for food though he had little to spare.

One day, while he was strolling around the parade ground, he saw a priest lecturing on the Hindu scriptures. Though the sun had already sunk behind the mountains, he listened to the priest’s lecture with rapt attention. As the sermon went on, its influence continued to gain strength, and the temptation to keep listening was too much for him to resist.

On the way back to his abode, he came across a group of friends and explained to them all what he heard from the priest. He also told them that he would become a priest in the future. Hearing these words, his friends burst into laughter and asked him, “How can you become a priest in the future?” Only those belonging to a certain caste can be priests, they said. When he heard these words, he was struck with surprise. He told all these things to his parents and also informed them that he had an ardent desire to become a priest in the future. They also chuckled and gave him the same answer as he had got from his friends.

When he went to bed, he began to ask himself, “Why can’t I be a priest like the one who was lecturing at the parade ground in the afternoon?” This question troubled him, but he vowed to become a priest whatever might stand in the way. The following morning, he left his abode in high spirits and took shelter in the priest’s home. Notwithstanding the fact that that he had scant opportunities to learn from him and the difficulties he had to encounter were great, he began to serve him and learn something from him regularly.

As time rolled on, he was able to earn a Master’s degree in Sanskrit. However, fresh ideas kept entering his mind for further study. Later, he received a doctorate in Sanskrit. He can lecture well on the Hindu scriptures in a simple and lucid manner, and the audience can understand him without any complication. Since he has received wide recognition both at home and abroad, he always remembers God from the core of his heart for fulfilling his desire.

Published: 18-05-2018 07:23

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