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May 21, 2018-

Can you imagine how you would feel if you were told exactly what to do every minute of your life? Life at school seems very unconventional. The education system of Nepal is sending a very menacing message to our children that they are not in charge of their own lives. They just have to follow whatever is laid down. There is no chance to promote innovation instead of increasing aggressiveness. Experts believe that autonomy is incredibly important for children. Likewise, the Nepal government should aim to provide the kind of education which allows every person to be educated and lead a life that can attract even rich people. Only stopping issuing permits to private schools cannot solve the problem. Instead, the government should focus on effectiveness.

Imagine the teacher is teaching in the classroom and the students are dreaming about Tom and Jerry and Ninja Hattori in their minds. What is the value of teaching if the students are not listening to what the teacher is saying? This is just a small example of what is happening at present in the education system of Nepal. Why are students drifting off to an imaginary world? It seems students are confused about the careers and goals they should set for themselves. As we all know, adult personalities are based on childhood experiences, that’s why it is essential to make education effective.

What we can do is focus on practical education. If we examine the education system in Japan, we see that they are also focusing on origami art. It means we can also improve origami and clay art which make children meditative and enhance their creativity. Also, visual information is much more effective than oral information, and we can enhance visual-based education which will not make students feel drowsy. We see children being attracted to cartoons, and we can enhance cartoon videos which will impart education in an interesting way. An indirect approach to learning is much more effective because it motivates students to learn creative things.

We can see children feeling jealous and quarrelling with each other, and parents find it hard to handle them. Every parent wants their child to be cool, calm and positive. Providing spiritual education is an effective way to bring change in children’s behaviour. We know that even the Dutch education ministry has made the Hindu scripture Bhagavad Gita compulsory from grade five. It is not hard to include it in the curriculum in terms of manpower because we have many spiritual persons in our country. The Gita evolved in our part of the world, so why aren’t we including it in our curriculum? Also, teacher-parent coordination plays a pivotal role to guide students both at home and school. Teaching altruism can be another option to enhance positive feelings in their minds. This approach will make our education system much more effective.

Published: 21-05-2018 07:18

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