My mom: a bridge

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May 23, 2018-

What I have learned so far by observing my mom is that the most difficult occupation in this world is to become a mother. It is so because in other professions, you would, of course, have to deal with people and even though you might have some misunderstandings or disputes, you are not accountable for everything. However, if you are a mom, you are responsible for many things, including maintaining peace in the family.

When you have a grown-up son, you can just imagine what the scene at home would be like. He would want to have fun with his friends, party a lot and be adventurous. It is not wrong to have fun and enjoy life, but parents, especially when the son grows older, want him to be more focused on his career and studies. The son, however, has other plans. He wants to crack jokes, take pictures, go to new places and have as much fun as possible. He might even pressure his parents to buy him a motorbike. Tantrums over every disagreement are the norm.

Fathers are not like mothers. They are less emotional. They can use harsh words and not care if their children are emotionally hurt afterwards. They act with their brains and they want actions, rather than words. It is here that the role of the mother comes in to play.

In my home, there are times when there is a tussle between dad and my younger brother. These stem from differences in expectations from both sides. When this happens, the only person who can make things right is mom. She, however, is in a dilemma because she cannot choose a side between the two. She wants to support her husband because she loves him and knows that whatever he is saying is for the son’s good. She also understands her son better and knows that if he is scolded too much, he might be really hurt and she wouldn’t want that. After all, who would want to see their own child turn sad and depressed? So, she has to become a bridge, if you will, in order to bring peace in the family.

I just have a lot of respect for mom in my heart. I know at times it is very difficult. She loves everybody and wants them to love and understand each other but it is not always

possible. There are fights and misunderstandings in every family.  I see her sobbing quietly in the kitchen washing dishes sometimes and I wonder what I would have done in her predicament. I would have no answer. Just because I have no answer doesn’t mean that I won’t have to go through that pain. Because I know that someday, I will have to be that bridge for my future family.

Published: 23-05-2018 07:31

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