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Jun 1, 2018-

Have you ever fasted? If not, maybe you should try it. As for me, I have fasted for seven days, eating one meal only in the evening and drinking a cup of tea or milk twice during the day. That was an amazing experience. It was about six years ago. When you fast, it may be prudent to have a purpose. Fasting just for the sake of fasting may not be that rewarding. Let me explain why I fasted for seven days and what I achieved.

Well, I was in a meeting in Pokhara, and a young Malaysian man, who was one of the participants, gave me an invitation to travel to Malaysia for the All Malaysia Convocation. I had never been on such a trip. It seemed that it was my only desire or dream. I didn’t have much money. Not only did I have to pay for the registration, I also had to pay for accommodation and food. I needed about Rs200,000 for that purpose alone. How would I generate that amount of money? I didn’t see any possibility that I could make it. It was kind of hopeless. For those who have money, Rs200,000 is nothing; but for me, it was like next to impossible.

So what to do? I thought. Nobody seemed to want to help me. So I remembered God, and decided to turn to Him for help. So I went to a barber, got my hair shaved, had a shower and started fasting and praying. As I went through the process, I became humbler before God Almighty, and my mind became clearer. There was peace in my heart, and I also became courageous. I got new wisdom and counselling from within.

“Why don’t you write to your friends and share this with them?” a voice told me. I obeyed and wrote to one of my childhood friends Arkumar Gurung who was also like my blood brother. He was living in London with his family. He immediately offered some Rs20,000 to help me. I still needed a lot more, but this was a good beginning. I thanked God and him. I continued praying and at the same time shared the story with my other friends.

It was not easy, but ultimately God made it possible. Now I had the required amount of money, but I had yet to get a visa. I was a bit worried. With a prayer, I applied for a tourist visa and left my passport at the office. I went there on the day I was called. The immigration officer asked me whether I wanted a multiple or a single entry visa. I was surprised at the choice given to me. I asked for a multiple entry visa. Now my mission was fulfilled. I went to Malaysia and returned. Sometimes, we need God’s intervention to make things work for us.

Published: 01-06-2018 07:30

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