A drop in the desert

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Jun 6, 2018-

To have the quality of salt is not an easy task. We all know how important salt is. Its absence makes our food bland. We don’t need a whole lot of it, but it is one of the most important ingredients added to food all over the world. Salt makes our food tasty and adds flavour. We too should strive to be like salt, so that when people look at us or taste us, they will find some flavour.

However, it is not easy to be among the minority. I would like to give my own example. The core principle of my life is being honest. I like to be honest to myself and to others. But it is not always easy to be so. When I am giving an exam, I get called by someone sitting beside me for answers to questions. I feel really uncomfortable at such times. I know cheating is wrong, and I know that they too know it is wrong; but they can’t help it. When I have to ignore my own friends in the exam hall, I feel bad. I choose honesty over friendship at that moment.

To be a light in a world of darkness is not easy. You cannot change people’s mentality. Like in my case, I have tried but have never been successful explaining to my friends that you should not cheat in any way during exams. You should write what you know; and if you fail, you should not be sad because it was your evaluation and you can do better next time. When I say this, they think I am acting like a saint and some even think I am insane.

I remember one instance in my school life. I was probably in grade 10. In a unit test, there was one very short answer question. I later got a scolding from my teacher who said that I was really dumb because everyone in my class had written the correct answer to that question while mine was blank. He said that I should have asked and written the correct answer. I was both amazed by his comments and also embarrassed. I had to pay the price of being honest by being shamed in front of the entire class.

The example that I try to set doesn’t work a lot of times. It would only appear as if I am being very religious or that I am trying to show off by being ‘holier than thou’. It is just like a drop in the desert or a flick of light in the darkness; it doesn’t help much. But my conscience doesn’t let me change and be like them even though I am among the minority. I will continue to be a drop in the desert hoping someday that those drops will form a small puddle, and it will be a place for someone to quench their thirst in the desert.

Published: 06-06-2018 07:07

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