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Jun 7, 2018-

A few days ago, I happened to meet a classmate who was in a depressed state of mind. When I asked him the reason, he told me that he got into debt after his business failed. When I heard these words, my heart sank; and I tried my level best to console him. However, he was so shocked that he had gotten into a mood to give up his business for ever. On the way back home, I remembered his pitiful words and sad face which caused an unfair impact on my mind. This is why I could hardly divert my mind to other things.

In fact, it is natural to have ups and downs in our lives. For this reason, we should not be frustrated when we encounter problems. Rather, we should aim high even at this time and make strenuous efforts to achieve more miracles, which are not over in this world. Actually, our life is a mixture of happiness and misery. In order to achieve success in any work, we should have some useful purposes, new knowledge and keen interest for which we must have the appropriate aptitude as well as the goal. The so-called great men and women of the world ascended to the pinnacle of success through their efforts of doing their work incessantly. Hence, we should also strive to do our work in a good manner so as to occupy a front seat in the drama of our lives.

In order to gain success in our lives, we must have a positive attitude which helps to develop creative thoughts. Such thoughts, if repeated continuously, give birth to a belief which becomes reality in the long run. Not only this, a positive attitude helps to extract inner energies to carry out constructive work, but this fact is not known to most people engaged in various activities. To develop such an attitude, we must continuously cultivate the habit of thinking and doing what is good and beneficial to our families, friends and relatives. At any moment of our lives, we are inviting either success or failure. However, we should not forget to think of success and be strongly committed to working hard as far as possible.

We should always be happy and cheerful because only a cheerful mind can think positively and gain success in every walk of life.

Actually, success is a continuous

and constant process; hence, endeavours should be made to reach new destinations and move constantly into a new future. In addition, forward thrusts and achievement motives help gain success in any sector. Of course, some components are essential for achieving success in any kind of work, but the main rule of achieving success is to think big and organise ourselves for it. Moreover, we should always remember that yesterday’s success is over and today is another day for gaining success.

Published: 07-06-2018 07:19

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