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  • Our country cannot become well developed until women can take equal part in the state of affairs
- Dibya Dahal

Jun 13, 2018-

Women constitute about half of every society. The role played by women as professionals and as sisters, wives, mothers or friends cannot be overstated. Yet their contributions are rarely recognised. In our country, Nepal, the women continue to be victims of a male-dominated society. Women have to face discrimination on a daily basis and everyday they deal with a multitude of different forms of harassment.

The fear of sexual violence is like a barrier that keeps girls from following their dreams and moving forward. At the same time, regressive cultural practices such as the dowry system, the Chaupadi system and Deuki system are also factors that undermine the equality of women. Women that are harassed often do not report it as they are afraid of how their family and the society at large would respond. Our male-dominated society has been largely apathetic to the plight of women, often blaming the victims themselves for their harassment—it is this frame of mind that is the largest obstacle preventing true equality.

In rural areas of Nepal, domestic violence is commonplace. With that said, gender-based violence is a universal reality existing in all societies. Sometimes women are tortured in their own homes by their own family. And yet incidents of violence against women are often not reported for various reasons. Social stigma and their dependence on their husbands and male relatives to fulfill life’s basic requirements are depriving women and keeping them from true freedom and equality. Women, especially feminists, recognise this and have historically campaigned to end this sorry situation.           


In the present society, the empowerment of women is absolutely necessary for the betterment of the country. The Constitution of Nepal has the provision of equal rights for both men and women. But women cannot be empowered just by stipulations in the law. Education is the ultimate tool for empowerment. Education is the best way of empowering women with self confidence and the knowledge to fully participate in the development process and ability to compete in each and every field. We must end the harassment of women so that women can feel safe and respected, independent and confident.   


Our country cannot be well developed until women can take equal part in the state of affairs. Therefore it is very important to educate and empower our women.    


Harassment is cruel and wrong as it often undermines the self confidence of women who go through it. Women are not able to present themselves as who they are because they have to be constantly guarded against eve teasers and harassers. Therefore we must end this practice as soon as possible so that the women of our country can feel safe and free. Because they deserve to.                                 

Dahal is a 2 student at Suryodaya English School, Jhapa    

Published: 13-06-2018 08:14

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