A World Aflame

Jun 15, 2018-

I never thought it would come this far.

No wonder mother earth is in pain.

Ants look up to the sky and ponder

‘Did seasons vanish in vain?

What is this monsoon without rain?’

Thirsty plants when their thirst do quench,

It floods them.

Sunflowers long for their namesake star,

Only for it to

Burn them to crisp and char.

Clouds appear numerous and sometimes few,

Coastlines littered with garbage; oceans turned into sewer.

But we do not account for what we forget

Because that trash we set into the sea, hails acid upon us as rain.

The sun has become unforgiving and little does it spare

While guardian layers melt away from the atmosphere;

Smoke that reaches the horizon and up; freed and free,

Their heroes are our bonfires of industry.

What we do and what we did,

The consequences shall be dire;

Yet time ticks by as

We only add wood to our funeral pyre;

Only raising the intensity of that final fire.

- Somikumar Jung Panday

Grade 9

Ullens School

Published: 15-06-2018 07:53

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