Is corruption a national scourge?

Jun 15, 2018-

The Corruption Control Act 2059 BS has clearly stipulated what corruption entails. “It includes bribery, forgery, taking or giving donation and gifts, leakage of customs, and misuse of public funds,” it states. Given this definition, corruption has always been an insidious part of Nepal’s politics and governance.

Transparency International (TI) has played a never diminishing role to abrogate corruption. It came up with the CPI (Corruption Perceptions Index) in 1993, a league table to measure the corruption level of a country. All in all, Denmark is the least corrupt country with a CPI score of 90. Conversely, Somalia has the most corruption with a CPI score of 10. Among the SAARC nations, Bhutan’s economy is far more transparent in comparison to others. Its CPI score is 65. While Afghanistan is most afflicted with corruption among SAARC nations with a CPI score of 15. Nepal too has been engulfed by the ocean of corruption. It is the131st corrupt country with a CPI score of 29. The Nation’s bureaucracy is mired with indolence and greed. Often allocated budgets never reach their intended recipients and public funds are routinely mismanaged.

From the same token, a bunch of anomalies are fluttering around the nation and accelerating the rate of corruption. The ineffective laws and fewer incentives to the bureaucrats also play a prominent role to ignite corruption. Furthermore, luxurious lifestyle and opaque transactions also contribute to this fact. Similarly, nepotism is also a popular type of corruption.

At present, corruption has made an immensely adverse impact on the nation. It has locked the nation in the room of murk. As a result, its overall development is obstructed.

It is said that where there is a will, there is a way. There is a bunch of mitigating measures to solve the problems. For one, the black market should be uprooted. The government officials and stakeholders must be held accountable. The corrupt should be boycotted from society. The commercialisation of services like education and health should be reduced and should be made affordable for all.

In a nutshell, it is not too late to control corruption. Individual effort can go a long way. Nepal, confined by the walls of corruption, can break free. For this, every individual should join hands and work together, shouldn’t they?

- Rishikesh Yadav

Grade 9

Swastik Pathshala

Published: 15-06-2018 07:53

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