Jun 15, 2018-

The Association of Scientific Societies of Nepal (ASSON) is dismayed at the sudden amendment of the National Curriculum of School Education by the Curriculum Development and Evaluation Council on 18 Jestha 2075 (“School level not to have multiple disciplines”, May 14, TKP Online). Apart from the modifications in other disciplines, ASSON would like to draw the attention of the Council to its unusual modification of the pillars of science: Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, changing them from compulsory to optional subjects. This is a shocking case of irresponsibility on the part of the Council, and we want to express our disappointment at this sudden change. The modifiers have either completely overlooked, or have no idea of, the international standard, horizontal and vertical compatibility of the curriculum. Moreover, scant attention is paid to the quality and quantity (load) of fundamental subjects to applied and technical streams such as Engineering, Medical, Agriculture, Forestry, Information Technology, Computer Science etc. as well as to the non-science group. This is silly academic crime against the rights of students who want to further their academic careers in science streams. It is clear that the Council has not taken suggestions from subject experts and practitioners in the field while forcing this defective curriculum on students. We want draw special attention of the corresponding agencies for suspending this process and start a thorough discussion between experts, departmental heads and teachers of the respective subjects. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and its corresponding departments, rather than remaining mute spectators, should look into the matter and make efforts to rectify the problem before it is too late, or they will be held responsible for the discrepancies.

- Deependra Parajuli

Associate Professor, TU



Kathmandu Mayor Bidhya Sundar Shakya has inaugurated the city’s first recreational centre for senior citizens at Bhurungkhel (“KMC opens first leisure centre for elderly folk”, June 11, Page 2). This comes as a welcome news when the Mayor has been facing flak over his decisions. The Mayor most recently was (in) famous for the decisions he took regarding the reconstruction of the historic Rani Pokhari. Despite protests from locals and activists, The Kathmandu Metropolis Mayor Bidya Sundar Shakya was adamant about reconstructing the pond as per ‘modern’ standards. However, such decision did not go down with the public neither did it bode well for him and finally Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has decided to tear down the concrete structures in Rani Pokhari and start the rebuilding process afresh from mid-May. After having that reputation, the news of the Mayor taking the step towards providing better life for senior citizens is both refreshing and hopeful. This move is necessary as the centre will serve as a geriatric oasis where old age persons can pursue different hobbies, play and make friends. Old people are often secluded and lonely in these busy times where everyone is occupied with their own work. But old people need as much care and company as any one of us. Old age is a sensitive phase and they are entitled to lead a healthy life without worry or anxiety. Old people are not just affected by health issue but a myriad of issues govern the downfall of old people. Lack of respect and neglect from the younger generation is one of them. With the fear of being humiliated by their family members, many of them even hesitate to express themselves. Therefore, just understanding their needs and concerns will ensure a good life for them. As the recreational centre for senior citizens has started in one ward, such centres should open in many places so that the elderly feel part of the community too. They took care of us when we were young, now it’s our turn to give it back to them.

- Babi Shrestha


Published: 15-06-2018 07:36

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