Trump’s Korea fantasies


Jun 21, 2018-

After a single meeting in Singapore, President Trump has rendered North Korea “no longer a nuclear threat.” However, North Korea still has as many as 60 nuclear weapons, scores of ballistic missiles, ICBM that can reach the US and untold number of facilities at unknown locations that are producing plutonium and enriched uranium. Mr. Trump says he is insisting on “complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearisation,” presumably meaning eliminating all of North Korea’s atomic weapons and production facilities. But no nation with a nuclear program this advanced has ever disarmed so completely. So what would a more plausible yet still positive deal look like?

Mr. Trump could seek a broader deal with North Korea by offering sanctions relief, security guarantees, full diplomatic relations and a promise not to try to overthrow Mr. Kim. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says to expect “major disarmament” by the end of the president’s first term. Some experts have estimated it could take up to 15 years to fully denuclearise. No matter how likely or how drawn out such a grand goal would be, some steps can be taken quickly. If Mr. Trump wants a deal, he is going to have to workout a plan where sanctions are lifted in stages, and can be reversed if N. Korea reneges on its commitments.

Published: 21-06-2018 07:41

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