‘If govt cares for my health, it should implement my demands’

Jul 15, 2018-

Namaste everyone present here!

I am speaking from the Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS). I am on a satyagraha (hunger strike). I had to do this in Jumla because we have been fighting for a decade demanding quality health services for every village so that everyone from low, middle and poor classes can become a nurse, health expert and health worker. They can afford medical education which should be ensured through the drafting of an Act.

More than 80 percent of our population is neglected. For this reason, there could be no better place than Jumla for my hunger strike. The KAHS has already been in Jumla for eight years.

But it has yet to come into operation. Karnali is the region most neglected by the state. People here are poor and uneducated. There are no health institutions and medical colleges for them. Had the KAHS been operational, people of this region would have become doctors, nurses, health experts and health workers by now. They would have served in this region, improving the quality of health services here. People of Karnali would have access to health facilities.

Everyone would get quality health service from the KAHS. Direct or indirect opportunities of employment would be available to them. Overall development of the region would have happened. However, the incumbent government, which was voted by the general public to power, is introducing an Act that goes against their rights while nurturing mafia, dons and political leaders. Following my long struggle, an ordinance in favour of the public and students was drafted. Now, they have meddled in the original ordinance and brought out an Act that benefits only the mafia, dons, mafia leaders and corrupt politicians. My hunger strike is against this anomaly.

The KAHS has qualified and skilled doctors but it lacks specialised manpower, which is due to the mistake and negligence of the government. Doctors here are qualified. My treatment is going well. Therefore, I will continue my hunger strike until my demands are addressed. But the government, on various pretexts, is trying to take me back to Kathmandu so that they can end my sustained civil disobedience. If they are really concerned about my health condition, they should address my demands. I will break my fast-unto-death immediately.

I have demands that include passing of the medical education ordinance without changes and immediate operation of the KAHS. Those proven guilty by a corruption investigation committee should be punished. Besides, the report submitted by the team led by Parashar Koirala to the University Grants Commission should be implemented without delay to end political interference in the education sector. Other similar demands should also be addressed.

Published: 15-07-2018 07:26

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