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Jul 19, 2018-

Using tobacco in the form of smoking or chewing is a very intimate part of life for many people. Despite knowing that tobacco is fatal, many people consider it as a very close companion. Most people who consume it can’t give it up as they have become its slave. Many people surrender to it and live a life of danger and dreadful future. Many people are obliged to make it a friend even though it is a very brutal enemy.

Harmful poisons like nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide, which are the chief components of tobacco and cigarettes, are damaging the lives of many people by giving them fatal infirmities like cancer. Due to it, many people along with their families are in extreme pain and grief. The people who became serious patients due to tobacco are cursing themselves and regretting why they started consuming tobacco. But for many people, the realisation has come very late. It is a bitter truth that for a tobacco addicted person, tobacco becomes a vital need that is very difficult to leave or avoid. In such cases, no motivational speeches or interference from others can make them ready to leave tobacco.  

It is clear that tobacco has cruelly attacked many people’s precious lives and has made their life very vulnerable, which is heading towards destruction. The media is doing a very good job by spreading public awareness to stop non-tobacco users from starting to use tobacco. Other social organisations are also trying their best. But with regard to this issue, the role of the government has been very controversial. On one side, it opposes tobacco use; and on the other side, it is promoting it. That means due to the liberal policy of the government, tobacco is available here, there and everywhere. To increase tax revenue, it has expanded the empire of tobacco; but it is still declaring that tobacco is harmful. The government does not realise that the cost of treatment of tobacco-related diseases is more than the tax revenue it receives.

To say that an increase in the tax on tobacco and the resultant increase in its price will decrease consumption is a childish perception. Even if the price of tobacco is increased by 1000 percent, it’s consumption will not decrease. In fact, it will increase crimes like stealing and bad habits like selling property to make money to pay for tobacco. The best and ideal option is to ban tobacco completely. It has become time to stop the source of destruction or stop the production of tobacco and prohibit its import completely. The government should be completely conscious and responsible to help people improve their lives by leaving tobacco. Tobacco is a poison. The government should stamp out this poison which is its vital duty.

Published: 19-07-2018 07:46

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