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Landslide prevention

Aug 5, 2018-

The monsoon season brings about numerous difficulties across the country, one of them being landslides. This natural disaster has caused enough damage and has now barred young students from attending school (“Landslides keep kids away from school”, August 3, Page 4). We often blame nature’s wrath for such disasters but we need to understand that numerous manmade factors contribute to it as well. In order to limit the death toll, and the number of children dropping out of school during this season over safety concerns, we need to acknowledge this fact. Landslides are caused by deforestation, which is a direct disturbance by human activities.  

Knowing that this “natural disaster” has more human causes, we need to try and prevent it all costs. If the government invested in bio-engineering, we would hear far less cases regarding landslides and unplanned urbanisation. Even the newly established local governments could take it upon themselves to spread awareness and bring about change. If we were able to promote afforestation within these landslide-affected sites, children would not have to limit their education.  It is far more effective to prevent disasters than it is to deal with its aftermath. The fact that it takes students hours to reach school should be reason enough for local officials and communities to take action. We cannot and should not be compromising on education.

It shouldn’t be acceptable to neglect adults, let alone children who have to risk their lives on a day-to-day basis. Working towards a future where no child has to jeopardise their safety for a basic human right like education is imperative.

- Priya Rajbhandary, Sunakothi

Published: 05-08-2018 08:08

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