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Aug 16, 2018-

Women all over the world, by nature, are conscious about beauty and their looks. I am, however, talking about a majority of women as there are definitely some who don’t care a bit about these things. This month is particularly special for women. Most women fast hoping that their husbands will live a long life or that they will get a good life partner. They even decorate their hands with henna and wear green, red or yellow bangles. They want to look pretty after all. It is in their nature.

If we take a closer look, we will find that the habit of wanting to be looked at or praised is not only prevalent in women but also in men. Men may not be as beauty conscious as women, but they definitely want to be praised for other things like their achievements. The main reason people want praise or glory is they somehow feel unaccepted, unfulfilled or insufficient.

It looks like people want praise, but what they really want is acceptance and love. People want to hide their weaknesses. They fear that if they really showed who they are, people will not like or accept them. That is why they find ways to distract people to hide their weaknesses. When people get tattoos or wear different styles of clothes, some do it because they want to, but there are also those who have had a bad experience in life and want to rebel by completely changing themselves and hiding who they really are.

If everyone were to accept everyone, this problem would not exist at all. People have tried to substitute human love with other things like the internet, gadgets, cars and jobs; but at the end, all they want is love. Facebook has become the main platform for what I called auction. People present themselves in a way they want to, but which may or may not reflect who they really are. They post photos and statuses to impress people. They live for others and want to make a good impression on others instead of enjoying their lives. Photos and selfies are more important than family relationships nowadays.

One thing people have to understand is that everybody minds their own business and nobody really cares about what you wear or how you appear. They might raise an eyebrow if they find something unusual, but they won’t really care. So it’s best you become the real you. That is what I try to do at least. I plan my dress and appearance not on the basis of what other people might like, but what I feel would be most comfortable for me. After all, if you don’t believe in your choices and yourself, who will? Don’t expect others to think highly of you if you don’t respect yourself. So, with a proud face, say to the world, “Hey, look at me!”

Published: 16-08-2018 07:33

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