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Aug 17, 2018-

No doubt Nepal is a very beautiful country and has lots of things that attract hundreds of thousands visitors from all over the world. We Nepalis are blessed with abundant water resources and natural beauty to make our country prosperous; but because of lack of vision, incompetency of the political parties and political instability, we are moving backward instead of forward. We Nepalis feel proud when we say that we belong to a country where the world’s highest peak Everest stands and where the Buddha was born; but we feel ashamed when we have to say that Nepal is the same country where the people had to live in darkness for 10 years due to some greedy politicians. 

We feel ashamed when we have to say that we belong to a country where the people lack basic necessities like food, clothes and education. We are from a country where people are busy pulling each other’s leg. We belong to a country where the people are not united. We Nepalis also have the habit of blaming politicians for every bad thing that happens in our country. This is wrong because it is us who are entirely responsible since we have chosen them as our leaders. They are doing exactly the thing for which they joined politics; they are power hungry people who are showing their true colours after coming to power. 

Despite being educated, we don’t know the true leaders and visionaries who are capable of taking our country forward towards development. We are so incompetent that we cannot distinguish between good and bad leaders. The time has come when we youths should become united and do something for the betterment of our country. We should not let a few corrupt people control our lives. I think the time has come to stop complaining and start doing things. We are educated enough to do something for our country, and we should apply all our knowledge and all our expertise. Let’s not wait for people to change, let’s begin by changing ourselves. I think the time has come to ask the government why they are not doing things which they promised earlier. We should seek answers for their all actions.

It is up to us to decide what we want, and what we want to see in our country in the next five or 10 years. The only question is whether we want to be part of the progress of our country or want to practice the same thing that our forefathers did, that is remaining an observer. Let’s do something, let’s unite, let’s take a stand, let’s do something for our country. It’s time to pay back, let’s do things that will make our country successful, let’s take the initiative to make a name for our country. It’s high time we did something for our country. 


Published: 17-08-2018 07:59

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