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The coward

- Pratik Mainali

Aug 22, 2018-

The red skies rage like fire

with such sudden, solemn ire

I sit still, intently gazing,

from a dolorous mire

My lonely peach

with me and only me for company

My mind, an evil quagmire

Has fallen off the edge desire

I want you,

River they rise and stretch

I glimpse your reflection

before vomiting into the banks

Convulsing, I am sprawled

On rickety wooden planks  

Lonesome, unwholesome

Loathsome and vile

In dire circumstances

Raging, uncouth and wild

The snake uncoils into eternity

The vapour turns to dew  

And drapes the damp furnace anew

Only the sky rages like fire here

I sit helpless and unable

I am a coward aghast, a foolish, feeble rebel

So selfish, vacuous and craven I am

Would sell my soul but found no takers

When I meet the devil I shall meet my maker

The dew it drips it drops

My empty chest still throbs

Falling tears, I sob

The coldness streams and stops

Comes and goes in waves

Like you came and went but couldn’t save

A happy ending for a sad tale

Alas my cries of woes and despair

Were made in vain

Vain were my follies and vanity

my shame

I sing, caressing a jagged edge

I cry so loud as if I could rouse the dead

Feelings in your chest

I should soon be gone or so it seems

As I undrown from this delirious dream

Into stillness and silence, I emerge

But roused to cry out by a sudden surge

Of pain so shrill till only a vision gleams

Before falling into the darkness, still, never to be seen

Mainali is a  BIBM student at Herald College

Published: 22-08-2018 08:19

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