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Strength, balance and drama

  • Himalaya Roadies
- Abha Dhital, Kathmandu

Sep 11, 2018-


Every dog has its day

So, Priveer, the ‘least deserving man’ from last episode, has risen from the ashes. Like Raymon said, our guy still has to work on his techniques, but oh boy, does he have the will power. He has ‘earned’ our respect and the Himalaya Roadies clan has finally welcomed him as their own. So much team love. (Let’s see how long it lasts.)

 Credit must go to Laure too. I like how he pushed Priveer, without pushing his buttons. Deeya on the other hand is a tough nut to crack. The participants are going to have to do more than just ‘try’ to please her. To expect kind words of encouragement from her is like waiting for rain in a drought. But hey, I am not complaining, every reality show needs a judge that we collectively love to hate.

Strength and balance

I had taken a liking to Ms Ghale, even if she never got to perform. There was just something very likeable about her. Too bad the kid is going home without showing the world what she could or could not be. As the pressure increased for the other contestants, hers stayed consistently low and the docs couldn’t let her continue. Not when the episode was all about strength and balance. Health first.

Raise your hand if you loved last night’s immunity challenge! I absolutely loved how simple it looked but how challenging it was (getting up on a tree trunk and trying to make your opponent fall down, gladiator-style).

Sagar-man! People already don’t like you. You’re relatively better looking and you do seem to know it. Now if you start playing dirty, even if it’s ‘involuntarily’, they are going to kick you out of the show. And you’ve got to be extra careful when you are up against our Cutie. Name one person who doesn’t like him already.  

Milan, dabbing and all is fine, but being all friendly with your opponent won’t take you far. This time, strength was on your side, the next time you might want to strategise a little! I love how goofy you are, we all do, but you are not here to make friends.  

Richa, our sweetheart, managed to win everybody’s heart one more time. She might be small, but does she have the patience, perseverance, and more importantly the strength to get through tough tasks. She gave the best show with the best strategies against our wrestler-lady, making everyone else look like a complete fool!

Everybody loves Raymon, almost everybody

Another person I wasn’t ready to let go of yet was Subha. Everything about her screamed ‘entertainment’ and with her gone, it’s all meh.

Oh Raymon, why’d you have to break her heart? She was on the show for you man! (Well, also to win). You shouldn’t have asked her to tone down her diva. She just wanted to go through the rules one.more.time. I mean let’s face it, when you have to go last, there’s only so much attention you can pay to the contenders who went before you. Besides, it’s only fair to say that she had double the butterflies everybody did. Our lover-girl had to show how capable she is, not just to the world, but to you.

I mean sure, nobody likes to be on the receiving end of an ‘eye-roll’, especially not when you’re a judge. But if she could take you on, the judge everybody loves, imagine how capably she’d battle every other contender on the show. And let’s not forget she gave the ‘performance of the day’ last episode. You should have at least given the contestants a chance to vote her out!

But if you say the show is about “winning with honour” and she was only kicked out because she was disrespectful to the show, I’ll buy it. Let’s just make sure that this honour we’re talking about is not synonymous with “yes sir” all the time.

Anyway, all’s well that ends well. Thanks to Subha and Beena, who neither got a chance to perform nor to be on their contender’s radar as the worst enemy, everybody else got to stay back. The immunity task became just another ice-breaker that allowed the participants to get to know each other (and for the smarter ones, an opportunity to understand who they are up against).

If you ask me, Richa will go a long way. Aayush, with his young, angry man look (and capabilities), is the new heartthrob. Nabin has to start showing what he is made of because so far, he is not adding any value, entertainment or otherwise, to the show.

Published: 11-09-2018 07:56

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