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Sep 13, 2018-

The problem with Nepal is that we have many good and talented people who are qualified to take the country forward, but because they are not taking the initiative to change things, less qualified and mediocre people are coming to power, and they don’t have an in-depth knowledge about the country and what the people want. 

I personally think that there should be a stringent procedure or criteria to separate good and bad leaders. There should be minimum educational and professional requirements for people who join politics. In our country, it is easier to become a political leader than to get a good job. There are millions of students who go to college for higher studies to get good grades so they can get a job in some big company. Then there are those whose only ambition is to join politics; and in order to achieve this dream, they join a government college and do everything to come into the limelight. They not only engage in vandalism and demolish property, but also call strikes and create problems for ordinary people like us.

We often hear people saying that the government is not taking care of problems because officials never go through the pain that we ordinary people are facing. Traffic jams are a common problem in Kathmandu. Yet, the roads are always cleared before they go somewhere, but this creates problems for us.

To take a recent example, the government has imposed taxes on many things which is creating problems for common and poor people. Despite a lot of public criticism, the government has been turning a deaf ear. The solution to this entire problem is that all of us Nepalis should act very wisely before we cast our vote. The government is nothing else but representatives of the people. If the government is not doing things that it should, it is because we people are insensitive to the situation. 

Not only the government, we citizens of the country should also behave responsibly. If the government has made rules which will benefit the country, we should 

follow them. We should not do anything that is against the law. For example, we should not violate traffic rules, we should always take the VAT bill whenever we buy anything, and we should pay our electricity and water bills regularly. We should abide by all the rules and regulations, only then can we say that others are wrong.

Published: 13-09-2018 07:55

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