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What if beggars were god?

- Sandesh Pandey

Sep 26, 2018-

And what if poor beggars were god?

I sometimes ask myself,

How would the world be,

If beggars were gods to us?

Maybe then the whole world would be a temple,

Maybe every street would be held as sacred,

Maybe each home would be blessed with happiness,

Maybe then we could face god with nothing to confess.

Cause every time I walk outside,

I find hands pleading, for food to eat,

For clothes to wear and a person to love.

Both young and old beg for remittance,

Their bowls are empty,

Their expectations unfulfilled.

What if beggars were god?

The only god we should worship everyday,

Maybe then there would be food for all,

Maybe then the naked would be clothed,

Maybe then every street would smell of incense,

Maybe then this world would be redeemed

The whole world would be full of love,

And a beautiful place to live in.

Pandey is a 2 student at Trinity Int’l SS/college

Published: 26-09-2018 08:46

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