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Sep 26, 2018-

A person of few words is how someone who doesn’t speak his or her mind out is described and praised. Similarly, a person who likes to be on his or her own and doesn’t quite like to assimilate into a group is referred to as an introvert. This, however, is a really broad definition of an introvert. There are some who have to act like an introvert because of their environment or due to many different reasons. This is a story of a girl who is an introvert.

She is shy at college, and rarely talks to anyone. She wants to share her feelings, but finds none that would really understand her. When someone comes to talk to her, she retracts. She doesn’t feel comfortable talking to boys or girls for a very long time, always keeps conversations short.

However, on social media, she is active. She likes to stay active the whole time. It is just her thing. She won’t talk to anyone or disturb anyone, but just likes to see if someone will talk to her. She is a human being, after all, who seeks companionship and wants to associate with people. But alas! She hasn’t found anyone at all who will truly be her friend.

She talks to those who talk to her. And, surely, sometimes she is spoken to by some; but they talk to her just for the sake of passing time, and not because they really want to know her. Nevertheless, she treasures such moments because she knows tomorrow that will change. The momentary happiness doesn’t last long, and she feels alone again. She does have one girl best friend; but even with her, she doesn’t feel comfortable enough to share everything. The energy within her is humungous, the emotions far greater. She, out of desperation, either reads a book or writes her emotions somewhere where she feels no one will judge her. If only she had someone who would just listen to her. If only she had a companion who would not be quick to judge. If only she had not been tagged an introvert and not been treated as if she was out of this world, she would have enjoyed her life a little, her time on earth a little.

This is not just a story of a particular girl. This is a story of all of us--we who are in need of companionship, who don’t want hi-hello friends but really want someone who understands us, friends with whom we want to spend our lives.

Even when we are married, we feel as if our partners do not fully understand us. We are all introverts from inside, seeking a safe place to dispose our emotions while externally we might be frank and friendly. Nevertheless, the hunt goes on.

Published: 26-09-2018 08:05

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