Dashain blues

Oct 16, 2018-

Dear Aunt,

I am not very fond of Dashain. I am a rather quiet person and I like to keep to myself. I wish I didn’t have to get out of the house, but my parents always drag me to all their relatives’ places for tika. And when we are not visiting, we get guests at home—which is much worse. It gets so exhausting. I am tired of all the questions they have for me. What does it matter to them how I am doing at school, if I have decided on a career, why I don’t wear traditional clothes, and why my hair is coloured. I feel like they are intruding my private space. What’s worse is one person or the other always ends up comparing me to someone of my age. It is plain annoying. I have decided that I am not going to get dragged along for Tika this time. But I don’t know how I can skip all the drama, help?



Dear Sadixa,

Fortunately-unfortunately, Dashain is a time where people come together. You are not alone when you want to skip all the social gatherings, they do sometimes take a toll on you. Well, there are a few things you can do to make the festival a little bearable. How about you go for a little family vacation, try to persuade your parents to go on an outing instead of visiting all the relatives. If it’s too late to plan an escape, how about you plan something your friends (or do something on your own)? You can perhaps go on a hike or cycle around the city with the roads free and empty. If you are not so much of an outdoors person, invite your favourite people over for a house-party or a card games when your parents are making rounds. If that’s not your thing either, just tell your parents that you would really appreciate if they let you have a quiet Dashain where you can just read or watch films or finish household chores that you’ve been putting off like cleaning the room! If you dislike socialising so much, you might want to confront your parents and have a good long conversation about how it’s not your thing.

Published: 16-10-2018 10:06

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