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Oct 23, 2018-

Accidents around and after the festivals are usually common (“1 killed, over dozen injured as tipper overturns in Sindhupalchok”, October 22, Page 1). The drivers often blame the poor condition of the roads for the accidents. While that is partially true, more than the poor condition of the roads, reckless driving and poor condition of the vehicles is what is more responsible for such accidents. More often than not, the drivers are young and racing with each other. They have no regards for traffic rules nor the lives of the passengers they are carrying. Regulations regarding speed limit exist, but the wayward driving seldom pay heed. During the festivals, the police, too, pay little to no notice of these offenders. As a result, the number of accidents often spike during and after festivals. To change this, the public who are the worst sufferers, must mount pressure on the police to take strict actions against any driver who conveniently flout rules and endanger lives. Unless negligent driving stops, this menace will continue unabated leading to more loss of lives yet the perpetrators running free.

- Mahesh Pal


Kudos to the afghans

Sometimes, civic engagement is the best medicine. Afghans have proved this by coming out in force to vote in the country’s third legislative elections (“Wounded but undeterred”, October 22, Tkponline). No doubt, security has always been a major issue in the war-torn country. Even as the Taliban and ISIS vowed to disrupt elections by blasting bombs and inciting violence at the voting centres, it did not deter the Afghans to come out, vote, and exercise their democratic rights. Afghanistan has a lot at stake.  Most people are tired of the fighting and they want to have a better life, job prospect and access to education. And despite threats and danger to their lives, the willingness of the people to choose a representative for themselves with the hope that things will start changing is a testament to that. Kudos to the Afghans who were undeterred by violence. This should inspire all of us.

- Rakshya Subedi


Published: 23-10-2018 07:44

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