Mystery of love

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Oct 31, 2018-

Love is one thing that no one has mastered as yet. Although it is a crucial topic and all the people in this world fall in love one time or the other, nobody really pays attention to the topic itself. Most of them are busy with their lives, and some who want to know about love and have discovered something interesting about love end up being either writers or counsellors. It is true that love is such a vast subject that you would never finish learning about love. Everything else can have a pattern; like in mathematics, there are formulas; in literature, there are certain types of writing styles; in

science, there are certain facts, certain working of laws; in dance and music, there is rhythm.

However, love, being part of life, cannot really be predicted as life cannot be predicted.

If someone says he wants to master life, it only seems absurd. He might closely study his life or some other people’s life; but sooner or later, he will find that you cannot just make predictions about life. As there are unique thumbprints of every individual, so is life different from one person to another. Love, too, is of various kinds. It is said that if you search for God, you will find him. So if you truly search about love, you will find out its mysteries and codes to unique patterns, at least in theory.

I personally find love very mysterious. It is like oxygen which we cannot see but is vital to life. Similarly, it can change its form so quickly. This is actually evident from the sibling fights that take place at home. You are best friend and caring one minute, but the very next minute you fight like you were rivals from birth. There is parental love where parents can’t help but love their children regardless of their flaws. There is love for your best friend and those you are close with. There is love for your country, for your favourite show, favourite team, favourite teacher and so on. Furthermore, there is also love for someone your heart has chosen. Among all the different types of love, I guess the love you have for your lover is the strongest because you love that someone not because of any obligation, but because your heart chooses to. To submit your life to another is the greatest gift a lover can give to the loved one which can be truly done only when you truly fall for someone.

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” says science. However, love doesn’t understand the language of science. Love still loves even if the other person hurts you. Love never fails to love. There is never a perfect equal and opposite reaction. Love is kind. Love understands. For each individual, it is a unique experience and I, nor anyone, can fully describe love. You have to fall in love yourself to experience this mystery.

Published: 31-10-2018 07:15

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