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Morning people have lower breast cancer


Nov 8, 2018-

Women whose body clocks mean they are “morning people” have a lower risk of developing breast cancer, say researchers. 

Everybody has a body clock, which governs how the body works in a roughly 24-hour pattern. It’s also known as a circadian rhythm. It affects everything from when we sleep, to our mood and even our risk of a heart attack. But not everybody’s clock tells the same time. Morning people or “larks” are early to rise, peak earlier in the day and are tired earlier in the evening. Evening people or “owls” find it harder to get up in the morning, are productive later into the evening and prefer to go to sleep late.

The researchers clever new way of analysing data—called Mendelian randomisation. They looked at 341 snippets of DNA that control whether we are likely to be a lark or an owl. They used this knowledge to perform an experiment on more than 311,000 women. They showed people genetically programmed to be “larks” were less likely to have breast cancer than those programmed to be owls. 

Published: 08-11-2018 08:06

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