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Ayush Shrestha wins Himalaya Roadies

- Abha Dhital

Nov 27, 2018-

All’s well that ends well. The second season of Himalaya Roadies is over and we can all breathe now because we have a deserving winner—Ayush Shrestha. The 20-year-old from Bhairahawa was one of the strongest participants in the show since day one, and while he didn’t get popular right away, it was not long before he started garnering attention from both the judges and his fellow contenders, let alone the audience.

Ayush was hands-down the most consistent contender we saw this season—he always gave his 100 percent and managed to be the best performer even on a day he was running on saline. So it’s no surprise that he took home the title of Himalaya Roadie, alongside the Yamaha FZ bike and a purse of Rs 1,090,000.  

Talking of the episode, the grand finale of the Wild Wild West season on Monday put forth the toughest and the most challenging series of tasks that we have seen on the show so far. There was some much needed adrenaline. The final challenge was a race against time and consisted of five tasks that made the finalists find their way out of a maze only to unlock a log that they’d carry on their backs while making their way through barbed wire and doors with super complicated locks on them. It was lengthy, it was strenuous, and it looked so harsh that even Ayush almost gave up. He didn’t think he would make it. We didn’t think he would make it, and yet here he is—the winner of the second Himalaya Roadies.

Tejas—our good boy and probably the ‘most voted-out’ man on the show—came second. If there was one reason why Ayush wasn’t sure about his victory, it was Tejas’ overpowering comeback. Tejas had been giving such solid back-to-back performances of late. Our good boy did very well in the last challenge too, and honestly, I couldn’t tell until the last moment if Ayush was going to take home the title.

And even though Priveer fell off his bike during the final challenge, his performance wasn’t bad either. In fact, he probably gave his best performance so far. Looking back, it seems like Priveer’s journey to the top was based on luck while Tejas’ was based on his emotional composure and focus. But Ayush’s victory was defined by pure determination. It remains to be seen how far this victory will take him in life, but we wish him luck and good will.

Meanwhile, here are excerpts from an interview with Ayush where he talks about what being the Himalaya Roadie means and how life brought him here:



At just 20 years of age, what brought you to Himalaya Roadies?

Before I came to Himalaya Roadies, I was dwelling a lot on what I should do with my life. I have always loved adventure and I live for adrenaline. I was seeking challenges that would kick me out of my comfort zone. I wanted to discover how far I could push my limits, and there was no better place to find this out. Himalaya Roadies was a platform where the adventurer in me could thrive. The burning desire to do something better with my life brought me here and led me through this journey.

Did you always know you were meant for stardom?

Absolutely. There’s never been a doubt. Why else would I come to a TV show? I have always aspired to be famous and I knew in my heart that I’d make it. I enjoy being in the spotlight.

What is the biggest lesson you’re taking home from the show?

A warrior never gives up. Even if he is alone on the battlefield, he believes in himself and fights till the end. I have also learnt that growth is only possible when you push yourself out of your comfort zone.


Would you say you have grown stronger after the show or were you always this strong—emotionally and physically?

I have always been a very strong person—both physically and emotionally. I don’t know if this strength amplified but I can tell you this, Himalaya Roadies taught me how to put my strength to use. It taught me how to make the most out of it at the right time, in the right place. So I guess it’s fair to say that I might have grown stronger.

Would you say the show has changed your life?

Of course. On one hand, the show brought me fame, popularity and recognition. I am also significantly happier and more content with myself. On the other hand, the experience has made me stronger, mature, and more responsible. It feels like turning over a new leaf. I have now stepped into a chapter of my life that is full of positive energy.

Can you recall the most challenging task this season? How did you deal with it?

Physically, I had such a difficult time when in one episode I had to pull a heavy log with an injured fist. Emotionally, the finale drove me crazy, especially when I had to find the right key to unlock one of the doors. But, I got through both challenges with composure. I tried to stay focused and made sure that I didn’t give in to adversity.

Can you let us into some funniest details of the show?

Priveer was a funny man and he always cracked us up with situations that he could and couldn’t control (he farted a lot). But when he voted out judge Ashish Rana (Laure) instead of a contender in one of the episodes, we completely lost it. It was funnier that his everyday flatulence.

Who was your toughest contender? As an audience, who would you have placed your bets on?

Everyone had their own set of strengths. All my contenders had gotten through tough audition rounds, and they were all capable. But as audience, I would have placed my bets on either Anish for his physical strength or Tejas for his emotional composure.  

So, what’re your immediate plans?

I don’t share my plans. You’ll have to wait and watch.

Fair enough. Had you not won, what would you have done after going back home?

Victory always tastes so sweet, but Bruce Lee once said, “Defeat is the first step to success.” Had I not won, I would have picked myself right up and considered the defeat my first step on the road to success. Now that I have won, it’s fair to say that I have skipped some of the steps.

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