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Nov 27, 2018-

Dear Aunt,

My 35-year-old brother got married few days ago and now the pressure of the whole family is on me. I am just 27 and I do not want to get married this early. But my parents and relatives think it’s the right age to get hitched. I do not understand why girls are expected to marry too early.  I have other major things like career that I have just started to focus on but my parents simply won’t understand. I am not against the idea of marriage but I am not just ready for it. They have been showing me pictures of boys sent by my nosey relatives and I do not simply like it. It’s just my brother who has been supporting me in this situation but my parents would not listen to him either. They, in turn, give us examples of those friends and relatives who got hitched before 20. There are times I do not feel like confronting them because when our conversations heat up, we end up shouting at each other, even if I do not want to. Please tell me how I can deal with this difficult situation.


Dear Archana,

This is how the society is. When one is younger, they’re taught to focus on their education and career, things like love and emotions are regarded as “distraction” for your goals. And when you get older, people imply you to look for the same “distraction” to spend your whole life with. Especially girls are advised to get marry at a young age in a fear of not finding a “suitable” bridegroom when they reach the age of 30. But you’re quite lucky to have an idea about your own requirements. Many girls unfortunately get married without even having an idea of what they want to do in their life. You’re now at this age when you are encouraged to seek for a partner even in strangers. And honestly, being your aunt, I will have to take their side partially. You might not be ready for a marriage but it’s time for you to go out on dates, meet people, along with your work. Being an adult isn’t about just responsibilities, it’s your time to enjoy your life to the fullest. Get out of your boring-workaholic-life; you’ll never be this young again! Make new friends who will vibe with you, who knows, you might end up meeting the one. It’s way better to know someone by dating them than by serving them teas at your house! And who knows, there might be a day when you will be the one excited for your marriage, not your nosey relatives!

Published: 27-11-2018 07:57

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