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Dec 6, 2018-

The foundation for a new building had been laid on a huge plot of land. All of us were eagerly waiting for the building to be completed. There was a tall tree next to the plot which was planned to be chopped down. A yellow rope was fixed around the place to prevent students from going near the tree and hanging around it. One day during lunch break, many students gathered outside the area, with one eye fixed on the tree and the other on an old woodcutter who started chopping it.

Everyone watched with their eyes and mouths wide open. As the axe cut deeper into the tree, the mouths opened wider. After about half an hour, the tree fell to the ground. A nest had fallen from the tree.  Later, our teacher entered the classroom with the crow’s nest. We looked at it in astonishment. It was built with pieces of metal wires instead of twigs. The crows had picked wires from the construction site and built their nest. It was strong, and our teacher not pull out even a single wire.

Last week, as I looked at the tree in my backyard, I saw something colourful in the upper branches. I could not think what else it might be but a nest. But how could a nest have red, blue and yellow colours on it? After studying it carefully for a few days, I found out that the colours were plastic strips and pieces of fabric. The crows had modernised too, I thought. Of course, the plastic would make the nest much stronger compared to twigs, but it did not look natural.

We have been dominating our surroundings with new technologies, and then we stare with amazement when birds and animals pick food from plastic wrappers and fly through clouds of smoke and dust. I began asking myself if we humans have not been damaging the environment for other creatures.

Published: 06-12-2018 07:39

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