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Dec 7, 2018-

We come across various kinds of regular obstacles in our life. In our dear country, we have undesirable things like load-shedding, inadequate water supply, political unrest, heavy vehicular traffic, corruption, delays in government work, hike in fuel prices and so forth. Yes! I do agree that they are big problems, but they should never be regarded as reasons for our failure. After all, they are expected hindrances. We know that there are various pebbles and rocks lying in our way, but we must be still overcome them and move forward. We should never give up and choose a different way because of those obstacles. The Sankhamul-New Baneshwor road was heavily damaged some time ago, but I never changed my route and took the same path despite knowing that there were obstacles.

Then why do these problems act as elements of failure? When people come across an obstacle, they try to avoid it instead of looking for ways to overcome it. They try to move abroad to escape the problem instead of facing it. The load-shedding schedule is fixed, so why not complete our task when there is light? The water supply is limited, so why not conserve it? Political unrest is disturbing, so why not ignore it? The traffic is heavy, so why not start early? Government work takes a long time, so why not go to the office expecting to be delayed? Fuel prices are increasing, so why not think of consuming less fuel? Instead of looking for ways to solve problems, we keep complaining and we never realise that we are creating negative vibes within us.

To be honest, I enjoy Nepal banda that takes place sometimes. It is more than a Saturday for me. Nepal banda is such a relaxing day when I can spend the whole day in my room, relaxing with movies and cooking something good. Load-shedding has become part of my life. I get curious if the lights go off five minutes late. At least load-shedding has made me rush to do my task on time. I must charge my laptop by waking up at 6 am, otherwise I will not be able to use it after lights out. If there was no load-shedding, I would have been sleeping till 8 am. I must be myself when my cell phone’s battery is getting low, so that I can charge it timely. 

I have no interest in whether Manchester United wins or Chelsea loses, and I am not addicted to any serial; politics is the game I enjoy watching. It is a long lasting serial I really enjoy watching. I wonder what I would watch if there was no politics. Honestly, these factors have become part of my life, and I would start missing them if they were to go away. After all, we must accept it as Nepali lifestyle.

Published: 07-12-2018 07:56

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