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The tremble

  • Why and when do earthquakes happen?

Dec 9, 2018-

Predicting earthquakes is almost impossible, since humans still do not know the reason for them. The authors claim that the concentrated creation of pain and fear caused by the non stop killing of animals/birds and fish is what creates earthquakes. They claim that pain creates actual physical waves.

Of course the theory will be dismissed by geologists, who guard their domains jealously. And, of course, it will be laughed at by other scientists. But driverless cars, cordless telephones, meat made by the multiplication of cells, sea waves that generate electricity, and a million other common things, were once laughed at theories. Uri Geller, who is world famous because he uses the power of his mind to bend spoons, is now one of many who can do the same. Schools to develop mind power have sprung up all over the world, from Russia to Italy. Does the mind generate waves of energy? The story goes that when Swami Vivekananda approached Chicago, he pointed at a particular area in the distance which, according to him, had a thick black cloud of sadness on it. It was the stockyard / slaughterhouse, the largest in America, where cattle were brought to be killed. Was the miasma caused by the waves of despair and suffering?

Jung is not the only scientist who believed in what is now called “the paranormal” (or what will be the new “normal” in a few years) Albert Einsteinalso propagated the EPW, or Einsteinian Pain Waves Theory, in the realm of geology.

The BIS (Bajaj-Ibrahim-Singh) Theory claims to be a development of the EPW of Einstein. It argues, on the basis of the evidence the authors have gathered, that it is possible to correlate the cause of earthquakes with the concentrated genocide of animals. Why and when do earthquakes happen? No one knows. So this theory is as good as any.

The Einstein pain wave theory says that while primary and secondary waves move quickly, pain waves build up pressure over a period of time and then, when they reach flash point, the crust of the earth breaks and reacts with an earthquake.

Dr. Madan Mohan Bajaj;s co-authored book  Etiology of Earthquakes, A New Approach, by M M Bajaj, Ibrahim and Vijayraj Singh claims to have studied the complex role of nociceptive waves: in a sentient body, intense chemical (e.g., chili powder in the eyes), mechanical (e.g., cutting, crushing), or thermal (heat and cold), stimulation of sensory nerve cells, called nociceptors, produces a signal that travels along a chain of nerve fibres via the spinal cord to the brain, resulting in the experience of pain. Nociceptors require a minimum intensity of stimulation before they trigger a signal to the nervous system. Once this threshold is reached a signal is passed along.

The authors claim that the same kind of pain waves are generated and passed along the crust of the earth by the immense noise and tension generated by animals on the verge of being butchered. These waves result in cracks in the crust in a certain direction, or seismic anisotropy.

Acoustic anisotropy, or the effect on the crust caused by sound, is what, the authors are claiming, causes earthquakes. While low frequency resonances are hardly felt by people, earthquakes high on the Richter scale originate due to the slaughter of millions of animals daily for years together.

The authors say that sound waves put great stress on rock. The daily butchering of thousands of animals continually, for several years, generates acoustic anisotropy due to the Einsteinian Pain Waves (EPW) emitted by dying animals. The book claims that since the EPW travel a great distance with time, abattoirs of one country may lead to havoc in another country.

Gravitational waves are faint ripples in the fabric of space-time, created by massive movements in the universe, such as two black holes colliding, or massive stars exploding. The signal, that the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) caught, was produced by two merging black holes. Since gravitational waves are not absorbed, or reflected, by matter, they carry information on the motion of objects in the universe.

All through history there have been scientists who have given concepts which were unknown and immeasurable at the time. In the 16th Century, Giordano Bruno claimed that the sun was just another star and there were many worlds in the universe. He was burnt alive. Donald Trump still thinks that global warming is a myth.

The Tacoma Narrow bridge in US was the first documented bridge to have collapsed (in 1940) because of resonance effect—the withdrawal effect or releasing effect of electrons attributed to a particular substituent through the delocalisation. It was found that, due to a design fault, the natural frequency of the bridge matched the frequency of airflow, which resulted in its destruction when the entire bridge started vibrating because of the air flowing over it. If a tiny vibration, at a specific frequency, can lead a bridge to vibrate as a whole, why can’t the pain wave, originating from an animal being slaughtered, lead to a similar destructive outcome such as an earthquake? The pain of an animal being slaughtered is a sudden release of a huge amount of life energy, probably a form of energy that we can’t measure as

of now.

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