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- Eak Prasad Duwadi

Dec 27, 2018-

It is not uncommon in Nepal for people to seek counsel from palmists and astrologers even to initiate minor tasks because such is the tradition here. This is the reason why many so-called astrologers from India flock to Kathmandu and provide their services while staying in five-star hotels. However, when veteran communist leaders of Nepal, who apparently champion reform, follow this type of superstition, it looks contradictory. Even though I am a layman, I have never consulted an astrologer till a month ago. Nonetheless, I was compelled to go to a seer as many of my friends were admiring a particular one who, according to them, could tell you all about your past, present and future. He could also tell you your likes, dislikes, number of children, the office where you worked and so forth. 

I did not believe it at first. How can people have such power? I wondered, “I will certainly do research on it.” Not one friend of mine stopped going to seem him. So I decided to visit him too. However, I went there in disguise. If he was truly a fortune-teller, he would find out my real identity. I was very excited to see him. A day before our meeting, I had to register my name by paying a fee of Rs10. And the second day, I reached there on time. There were about half a dozen people waiting for their turn to see him, so I waited there impatiently. Finally, my turn came. When I faced him, I realised that he was not so extraordinary: He was a simple man, probably in his mid-60s. Needless to say, most of his assumptions about me were wrong; he was pretending to be perfect. Only about 3 percent of the predictions were true. I think almost everyone can predict that much. 

In the end, the fortune-teller became so confused with his predictions that he refused to accept his fee. But I gave him Rs100 for being my research participant. If there were really such seers, people would not suffer any misery as they would get advance information about their impending problems, and they would find remedies for them. Earlier, the late king Birendra Shah, former king Gyanendra Shah, former prime minister Sher Bahadur Deuba and others consulted many so-called astrologers and performed dozens of rituals. But were they able to avoid the misfortunes that befell them? Still, why do our eminent persons run after such charlatans? In fact, much of our luck is determined by our thinking and toil. It is very sad that our leaders talk much, 

but do very little constructive to lead Nepal to success. They also seem to be doing something for their own benefit. Let’s think about this instead of running after illusions of ridiculous pretensions. 

Published: 27-12-2018 06:51

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